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Random music

December 21, 2008

I am not a religious person but I do believe in the power of the human spirit. Every now and then you come across a song that talks to you or just feels comfortable. “Watch over me by Bernard Fanning” is one such song.

I will let the song explain


Random Stuff and Rants

May 21, 2008
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Ok this post isn’t about anything in particular just my thoughts on some things. Some good and some bad.


Like many I am an occasional vistor to It constantly amazes me the amount of lists and pointless headlines exist. For example as I look at Digg now I see

  1. Top 10 Fights in Movie History
  2. Seven things we want from the Hobbit
  3. 8 Diets That Will Make you Sh*t your Pants
  4. Top 10 Animated Videos From Radiohead’s In Rainbows Contest
  5. 10 Strangest Names EVAR (this ones both a list and misleading and misspelled – the EVAR part is pointless and sounds like a excited 10 year old.
  6. 5 Giant Holes That Devoured Everything Around Them [pics]

thats only a example from the first 2 pages.  Headlines with “Best Ever” and  “Must See” seem to exist in abundance and I am pretty sure none of them are the “best ever” or I must see other ones.  Those sort headlines just scream of idiots trying to attract attention to themselves and apparently the population of idiots is enough to get them to the front pages on digg. I just ignore those items for the crap they generally are.


It amazes me (when  I should really know better) the amount of pointless comments that are posted on forums and places like youtube. With TV shows you get the constant “the new ones are not as good as the old ones” without offering any reason why except their  “expertise” . You also get the comment (mainly on youtube)  “That was crap” or “that wasted x minutes of my life” or “I could do better”.  Here’s a clue people if you don’t like something don’t spend x minutes watching it you are free to look and listen to other stuff and if you can do better either put up or shut up. I realise alot of these are mindless trolls but they ruin the experience for everyone. Of course you are free to criticise contributors but if you do at least make it constructive and well thought out. “You suck” doesn’t qualify and either.

Ebay forcing Australians to use Paypal

Ebay in Australia have decided that from Jun 17 all sellers must use paypal in a majority of cases.  Ebay claim this is for buyer protection but I suspect it is more to grab more fees. Guess who owns Paypals. I would encourage all Australians to look elsewhere at places like that treat their customers with some respect something which ebay has trouble doing.

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