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Vista SP1 – a few days on and other stuff

February 21, 2008

Well its been a few days now with SP1 in place and so far no problems at all. 

To be honest I haven’t noticed any major/obvious changes since installing SP1  although it does feel like it boots a fraction quicker and the whole system itself just feels a bit “crisper”.

Its not the major change that SP2 was to XP and this is what basically  Microsoft have been saying all along. Most of the “you need service pack 1 ” talk has been generated by the media and by “loud” users who despite actually not using Vista apparently are experts.

I didn’t have any major issues with Vista beforehand and SP1 at this stage certainly hasn’t changed that.

The whole Windows Vista SP1 Prerequisite KB937287 issue that has  shown up recently just made me laugh. The Vista team wont release SP1 to the public because of issues with “some” drivers yet the they release a update via Windows Update that appears to have caused the type of problem they are trying to avoid by releasing SP1. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. The whole Vista release has basically been a circus and has probably contributed more to the undeserved bad rap Vista has.


Vista Service Pack 1 – On my production PC

February 16, 2008

I have been running SP1 which I obtained from a torrent on a virtual PC for a few days without issue. Tonight I decided to install SP1 on my “Production” PC. So using a registry hack that is floating around the net( google “vista sp1 registry hack” and you should find it) I got the service pack installed via windows update.

It all went smoothly (took about 35-40 minutes) and everything is working without issue.

Vista SP1

So after the Vista team basically telling me I was to stupid to deal with the service pack at this stage I managed to do it without my brain exploding contrary what the Vista team seem to be indicating by their pathetic release schedule.

I will report on my experience with SP1 in the coming weeks and to all if you want to try it give it a go because despite what the Vista team says I am guessing most of you are more than capable of dealing with it. So go on live on the edge and take a risk or dont its your choice not the narrow minded, arrogant Vista team.

Finally to the Vista team I offer this gesture To the Vista Team