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Windows 7 / Microsoft

October 24, 2009

I have been running Windows 7 now for a few weeks after getting a TechNet Plus subscription. This was the cheapest way for me to upgrade all of my machines. I like windows 7 a lot and have no major issues with it however I will say I never had any major issues with Vista either.

On to what this post is about its me have a good old whinge basically but what the heck sometimes its good to have a whinge 🙂

  1. The upgrade pricing for Windows 7 is too high when you consider the current economic environment. It would have cost me over $AU1500 to upgrade all my machines hence the TechNet subscription.
  2. Microsoft Australia provided no low pre order pricing as happened in other markets and at this stage have not committed to having a family pack license for Windows 7. The loyal windows user was treated with disdain it was only if you bought a new machine or bought a copy of Vista in the 3 months leading up to its release you could at least get a low cost upgrade but the loyal user was just asked to bend over and take it. In general the marketing and pricing of Windows 7 in Australia has been pathetic.
  3. Vista Ultimate users – Microsoft raised the cost of the upgrade on this and as part of the upgrade you lost any Ultimate extras you may have had. You couldn’t upgrade to another version of Windows 7 you were stuck with Ultimate. Ask Microsoft about this and all you get is silence. Very bloody poor Microsoft.
  4. Minor niggle this one but a niggle all the same. Windows Media Player 12 like previous versions has no support for Podcasts. There is a half assed RSS method of getting podcasts but compared to getting them in iTunes its pretty much in the dark ages. I however has used WMP11 as my main music/podcast player in Vista and loved the WMP toolbar that you could anchor on the right of the taskbar. This is missing in WMP12 in windows 7 and is a PITA. It made me go back to using iTunes as my music/podcast player as it has a toolbar.
  5. I am not a fan of the new taskbar (in fact I have set it up so it behaves like it did in XP/Vista and restored the quick launch bar) it comes across as Microsoft trying to make their own Apple Dock something which I am not a fan of either.

That’s about it like I said nothing major just a good old whinge.

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The Xbox 360 “NXE”

October 18, 2008

Despite Microsofts pathetic Xbox 360 support I managed thru the help of the retailer to get it replaced and I upgraded to 360elite. However now with the new interface coming I may regret it.

Just spent a bit of time looking at the new vbox 360 interface. Talk about "wii wannabe” . It looks juvenile and Microsoft should be honest and rename the console the Wii360.  I already have a Wii I dont need another one.

What really gets me is this from the FAQ

Q Is the Update optional? Can I keep my old interface if I want to?

A Why would you want to? The New Xbox Experience is the same experience you had before and so much more! As a matter fact, the blades that people have come to know and love are integrated directly in to the guide button so that every aspect of the Xbox experience is always only one button click away. The new Xbox experience is built with community as its foundation and requires everyone to upgrade

Why would I want to ? Why wouldnt I and why should I if I dont like this new interface. The arrogance oozing from this reply is just amazing I guess they learned that from the Vista team. I can see the people responsible for the upgrade have a caught the “smug”.


Apple Fanboys

July 9, 2008

I have written before about fanboys  but I am going to again.

Apple fanboys are the most arrogant, ignorant and pathetic people I have ever come across. Firstly I am not talking about the majority of Apple users who are sane reasonable people who use Apple hardware/software because  it does the job they need it to do and respect it for what it is.  You can hold a normal reasoned conversation with one of these people and they are the people who are most helpful with people new to Apple.

Fanboys on the other hand have tunnel vision and  believe their view is the correct view and anything that goes against their view is rubbish and must be wrong. Any criticism of Apple is not justified in their view regardless of facts and common sense. They do more damage to Apple than good.  Blind faith in anything is dangerous. You need to be able to see the big picture to make good decisions. To fanboys using Apple products will cure all your problems even if they don’t know what your problems are.

Fanboys are the tools that line up to be the “first” to get a product (see the iphone 3G lines). Its sad to think they need to do this and that in their life they cant find something more constructive to do.


Vista SP1 – Vista Team = Arrogant and Ignorant

February 15, 2008

Well the Vista team continue to treat anybody not in the press or a paying member of MSDN or Technet with absolute utter contempt. It seem if you are not any of the above you are deemed to be too stupid to have SP1 for Vista. The Vista Team turned me into a pirate as the only way I could get a copy of SP1 was to get it off of torrents. I am currently testing it on a virtual PC.

Despite the Vista team saying they are listening I find that near impossible to believe.

So congratulation the Vista team for yet another pathetic effort and treating honest (well until they turned this user to piracy) and knowledgeable users  like  5 year olds.

I like Vista but its hard to offer any kind words when they just struggle their way from one clusterf**k to another and continue to insult users by saying they are listening.

i can has sp1

Vista team answer : No you are just a mob of  monkeys


The Vista Teams role model