Apple Fanboys

July 9, 2008

I have written before about fanboys  but I am going to again.

Apple fanboys are the most arrogant, ignorant and pathetic people I have ever come across. Firstly I am not talking about the majority of Apple users who are sane reasonable people who use Apple hardware/software because  it does the job they need it to do and respect it for what it is.  You can hold a normal reasoned conversation with one of these people and they are the people who are most helpful with people new to Apple.

Fanboys on the other hand have tunnel vision and  believe their view is the correct view and anything that goes against their view is rubbish and must be wrong. Any criticism of Apple is not justified in their view regardless of facts and common sense. They do more damage to Apple than good.  Blind faith in anything is dangerous. You need to be able to see the big picture to make good decisions. To fanboys using Apple products will cure all your problems even if they don’t know what your problems are.

Fanboys are the tools that line up to be the “first” to get a product (see the iphone 3G lines). Its sad to think they need to do this and that in their life they cant find something more constructive to do.


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