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Firefox 3 – Beta 4 / Zune or lack thereof

March 14, 2008


Firefox 3 – Beta 4

I have downloaded and installed Firefox 3 Beta 4 on both XP and Vista PCs and laptops recently to check it out.

First of all the interface is a step backwards. It is starting to look like the disjointed mess that is IE7. Putting the Home button on the bookmarks bar is a really stupid and annoying thing. On my laptop this is the first thing I turn off to get screen real estate and on my PC I use it for bookmarks only. There is no advantage to doing this so why they did this only they know. Fortunately you can move it back to where it should be unlike the stop and the reload/refresh which have been moved to the right of the address bar. Again another change that makes no sense. WTF are the developers taking when discussing this.
Without going into to much detail the Bookmarks  organisation has also been stuffed up. First of all to get to the bookmark organisation you select the menu option ‘Show all Tabs” . That is the most pointless and stupid thing and like the other interface changes achieves NOTHING except make me revert back to v2  and uninstall FF3 B4 because it was so bloody frustrating. 

Zune or lack thereof aka Microsoft grow some balls

I recently was looking for another high capacity mp3 player and would have considered the Zune but for some reason that Microsoft wont say that haven’t released it outside of North America. There is no valid reason for this other than MS lacking the balls to actually compete with Apple and others in a global market. Yet they continue to do meaningless crap like develop facebook apps.  The online shop as an excuse holds no water  as a large % of people dont source there music  from the players online shop (eg ipod – itunes) I am one of them. I will only use mp3 files none of this DRM crap. In the end I purchased another 80GB ipod classic.