Vista SP1 – Vista Team = Arrogant and Ignorant

February 15, 2008

Well the Vista team continue to treat anybody not in the press or a paying member of MSDN or Technet with absolute utter contempt. It seem if you are not any of the above you are deemed to be too stupid to have SP1 for Vista. The Vista Team turned me into a pirate as the only way I could get a copy of SP1 was to get it off of torrents. I am currently testing it on a virtual PC.

Despite the Vista team saying they are listening I find that near impossible to believe.

So congratulation the Vista team for yet another pathetic effort and treating honest (well until they turned this user to piracy) and knowledgeable users  like  5 year olds.

I like Vista but its hard to offer any kind words when they just struggle their way from one clusterf**k to another and continue to insult users by saying they are listening.

i can has sp1

Vista team answer : No you are just a mob of  monkeys


The Vista Teams role model


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