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Microsoft – The Good and the Bad

January 25, 2008


The Bad – Vista Information  or lack there of.

As I have mentioned before on this blog I have had trouble getting a straight answer out of Microsoft  regarding Windows Anytime Upgrade being available in Australia. Nobody at Microsoft will give me an answer while  other than a cookie cutter answer that basically says nothing constructive. How hard can it be to give a straight normal answer ? Obviously to hard for anybody at Microsoft associated with Vista. It frustrates me no end having to deal with this bullshit  from the Vista team.  From my dealings with the Vista team/MS Support it is obvious unless you are a corporate the Vista team really care for the individual user.


The Good – Visual Studio  2005/8

When the previous version of VS (2005) was released I was keen to try it and the Standard Edition fit my bill. I was keen to try this and when to the Trial download page and every version was there for trial except standard. I contacted the VS team and was offered a free copy of VS 2005 standard which I gladly took. I ended up using the product so  I actually purchased a copy even though the version they sent me was a full version. I felt it was the right thing to do as they had gone out of their way to get me trial.

Well recently 2008 was released and again the exact same situation with the trials. Again I contacted the VS team and again they responded with a offer of a free version which I accepted again. There was no cookie cutter answers just clear concise answers to the question I asked .

To the VS team I say thank you and to the Vista team I say thank you for nothing except frustrations.


Listening to “Dont Waste my Time – Angels” (dedicated to the Vista team)