Things that annoy me about Vista

November 28, 2007


  1. too many versions and overpriced
  2. removal of the old method of being able to do a clean install from a update version. This was changed at the last minute by Microsoft.
  3. WGA – pointless. Annoys genuine users and pirates just laugh in its face.
  4. Activation – more sensitive than XP and again only caused problems for genuine users pirates just ignore it.
  5. The file explorer – dumb  down and some folders will not change their view regardless of if you want all folders to present the same. I just find it less than useful and use one of the alternative pieces of software out there.. I hate the OSX file manager and this is in danger of becoming that
  6. Separate network connections do not show in the system tray or “notification area” if you are from Microsoft. I connect to works VPN and I have no indication that it is connected. The network icon is there (and I would rather it wasn’t  because I know when  I am connected to my local network).

There are other and I will document these later. I do like Vista and have had no major issues with it. However the dumbing down of some features is just annoying and frustrating.  You wonder sometimes who are the users that Microsoft talks to.

Trying to get a straight answer out of Microsoft is like  getting blood from a stone. Marketing spin seems to permeate all responses I get from them.


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