Microsoft continues to ripoff Australians

October 10, 2007

Recently I acquired a Xbox 360 and thought I would use it to stream media from my Vista Business PC. While this works fine it would be a lot better with Media Center. 

I decided to upgrade to Vista Ultimate. Windows anytime upgrade wasnt available to Australians at Vista launch date but I thought that would have been sorted by now. I was informed by a Microsoft rep that it was coming to Australia soon after launch date.

I went onto the  web and on this page http://www.microsoft.com/australia/windows/products/windowsvista/buyorupgrade/default.mspx

but find the link to Anytime Upgrade is dead.

I contacted Microsoft and the rep just got back to me and I was informed that Anytime Upgrade is not available to Australia. If I wanted to upgrade I could spend $AUD495 and buy the upgrade. Does Microsoft think anybody would be stupid enough to do this?. Its even more ridiculous when you consider that a Anytime Upgrade from Business to Ultimate would cost $USD139.

Reality doesnt seem to be a concept Microsoft have a full grasp on. As much as a like Vista I can see why it isnt selling when Microsoft think they can get away with BS like this.


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