Vista Experience – PC upgrade take 2

October 1, 2007

Ok as I have mentioned before I did attempt to update my main PC to vista about 7 months ago now. I nearly stuck with it except for the problem with the DVD and CD drive no longer being usable.

Well about 1 month ago now the PC went thru a major hardware upgrade. The motherboard was upgraded, the CPU was upgraded to a Core 2 Duo 6600 @ 2.40 Ghz, new memory was obtained and a total of 3 gigs installed. Finally a 500G sata HDD drive was added. The original 120G SATA was kept as the primary drive. The CD-RW was removed and the DVD-RW was left as the main unit. The floppy drive was removed and a memory card reader put in its place.

As before I went the the “dual install” to get a clean install of Vista from my upgrade DVD.  Microsoft need to seriously look at the decision they made to not allow clean install upgrades using the previous version media to verify the upgrade.

The other thing that pissed me off no end was have to reactivate again and having to do so over the phone because it wouldn’t activate because it had been activated (ONCE only) 7 month previous. Microsoft should allow you deactivate a copy so you can reinstall it elsewhere. However like a lot of the stuff Microsoft has done in this area (WGA the other) it appears to have been done without alot of fore thought.

Anyway the upgrade has gone well and Vista and all my software is behaving perfectly. It just further reinforces my thought that alot of the bad press out there is in fact plain and simple FUD or people haven’t planned their upgrades properly and checked all their hardware and software before they proceeded.

My PC has a “Windows Experience Index” of 5.2(see below) which isnt bad and may have been slightly higher had I not used the “old” 120G as the primary driver.


Thats all for this post next I will talk about some of my other gadgets and my experiences with them


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  1. Technically you are lucky they even allowed you to activate Vista on the new machine – legally a new motherboard=new licence of vista. Totally pointless, unless you are the beancounter for MS.

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