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Fanboys and the damage they do

August 4, 2007

If you have spent any time on forums or on places like digg or slashdot you will come across them. Fanboys – users who fanatically  support  a OS or hardware manufacturer to the point that they are blind to any actual problems with their OS/Hardware. At their worst they are arrogant , ignorant people who do more damage to the thing they support than good and are often the reason people avoid getting into the thing they support. It becomes pointless trying to have reasonable conversation with people like this and in the end they end up frustrating and turning away people that may have been considering they tech they support.

There are the 3 basic groups you can find out there and some of those have groups within them.

Mac Fanboys

Mac fanboys have been some of the worst I have come across. They will say something is brilliant and blindly ignore the faults within the device etc. witness the excessive hype that was the iphone. Sure its a good phone but it has a lot off issues which started to become apparent as more level headed reviewers gave their feedback.

Linux Fanboys.

Often come across as elitist snobs who look down their noses at people who ask what they consider to be “stupid” questions. To make it worse there are splinter groups with linux that attach each other. The ubuntu vs gentoo or pick any of the 100’s of distro and witness the fanboism that exists between those groups.

Windows/Microsoft fanboys

Not as obvious as the other but this I think is to do that they are a very small % in a huge area. I probably have seen less of these more because most of my expertise is in this area so I tend to solve my own issues but I have seen enough to know they can be as bad as the others

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