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My experience with Vista – No 3.

July 8, 2007

New Laptop with Vista

I purchased a new laptop in the last 2 month to replace an aging but still running perfectly IBM R32. It came with Windows Vista Business. The laptop (Acer) came with 1.5GB of memory and a standalone graphics card. My experience on the laptop with Vista has been great. No problems it is really fast (faster than the PC for now). It backed up what the experts had been saying its best to get vista with a new machine than to upgrade a PC unless it has been purchased in the last 12 months. Vista is stable I really miss the search on the start menu when I go back to XP.


What I will say is that there is a lot of FUD out there that has been spread by people that haven’t come within 10 feet of a vista install. Yes you need 1GB of memory at least but thats hardly an issue these days. The same also goes for the amount of physical space it takes up. Hard drives are that big now that this argument is pretty much irrelevant. UAC is not an issue and will certainly stop people doing things they shouldn’t. People complain that it pops up too much but I have found apart from when doing software installs you rarely see it unless you are messing with the system. I see it no more than I do the UAC in OSX.

So in summing up I would recommend moving to Vista when you get a new PC unless you have some software / hardware that simply wont run on Vista. I will say that there are too many versions of Vista and its price for a full version is way to high and should be at the upgrade pricing. The upgrade process they need to return to the way it was the new upgrade process is a clusterf*ck in progress. I will have a copy of XP that I will be able to install on another PC because at no stage was it asked for by the upgrade process.

I look forward to upgrading my PC soon and moving all my systems to Vista except for my server which will continue running Server 2003 assumming I can get it running again (hardware issue).


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My experience with Vista – No 2

July 3, 2007

Vista PC Upgrade(contd)

I had installed Vista on my PC, working around the upgrade issue, and after 2 days of reinstalling programs the system was pretty much set up as I liked. For 3 weeks the system worked without any major problems and the system was performing really well. It rated a 5.1 on the Vista performance meter. Then one day I was about to load to load some new software , Office 2007 in this case, I put in the CD and waited for the setup to start. It didnt kick in so I went into explorer to start the setup manually. However both optical drives were missing. A look in the device manager and both had yellow triangles with ! in them. I played around with cables (both drives lived on the same IDE) but they still didnt show. I did some googling and found a link to a Microsoft KB article that seemed to describe the problem. It involved making some changes to the registry. I did this and rebooted and still nothing. A few hours had passed by this time and I was totally frustrated and decided I had enough so I made the decision to revert the PC back to XP. All went smoothly and the PC is still running perfectly to this day 4 months later.

I suspected originally that I might have had some issues because of the age of hardware. The experience didnt put me off of Vista and I will be updating the Motherboard, Processor, memory and video card in the PC and installing Vista again.

My next post will be about my experiences with my new laptop that came preinstalled with Vista.

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