My experience with Vista- No 1

June 30, 2007

I have 2 experiences here 1 with upgrading and existing PC and 1 with a new laptop. This post and the next will be about the PC the laptop will be the 3rd and a summary in the 4th.

Vista PC Upgrade

 I build my own PC’s and although it had been 2 1/2 years since my last major upgrade (video card had been upgraded 2x in that period) my PC was still a reasonably powerful machine and more than enough to handle Vista. 

Basic Specs are as follows:

 AMD 64 3200+ processor
1.50GB of RAM
1 x 40G HDD – 1 x 80G HDD (both IDE) – 1 x 120G SATA
Nvidia GeForce 7600GT 256MB (AGP)
CD Burner
DVD Burner

The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor didn?t find and major problems and the only driver it couldn’t find was for an old Canon scanner which wasn’t a big issue (and turned out to be less of an issue when it died a few days before performing the vista upgrade).

I purchased a copy of Windows Vista Business (it had everything I needed and the features in Ultimate weren’t worth the extra $). It was an Upgrade version. Microsoft had , for some unknown reason, changed the upgraded process. You could no longer upgrade to a clean HDD and just present your XP CD when it was checking for upgrade eligibility. You had to have a copy of Windows XP/2000 etc present on the hard drive prior to the install. Anybody who has dealt with windows in the past knows it is always better to do a “clean” upgrade and although Microsoft had totally revamped the install for Vista  I wasn’t convinced that a clean install still isn’t better. Fortunately Microsoft had left a hole big enough to drive a semi thru that allowed you to upgrade from Vista itself. There are numerous sites around the net that detail the “hole” so I wont explain it here. I still think this will be a major pain in the butt if a HDD crashes as I will have to do the double install again. Sometimes you would just like to ask Microsoft “What the hell were you thinking”.

Anyway that’s enough for this post I will continue with part 2 in the next few days.

Until then goodbye.

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